Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport is well aware of its responsibility for the harmful effect on the environment and undertakes to utilize innovative environmental technologies in its operations and to conduct its activities in accordance with, but without limitation to, the relevant environmental legal acts.

Aligned with Aena’s environmental quality policy, the airport has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) aimed to ensure that airport activity meets the requirements of the regulations for the environmental protection. The EMS is certified under the international ISO 14001 standard.

Appointed by Aena in 2014, AECOM Spain is providing fully-integrated environmental services to the airport´s Environment Department under the EMS compliance framework.

Our environmental specialists undertake a day-to-day steady work and they are actively engaged to help the airport in achieving its environmental goals through a consistent environmental control of its operations.

Main activities are the following: supervision and maintenance of the EMS according to the ISO 14001 certification, expert support to comply with the ACA certification (Level 2 Reduction), environmental monitoring inside the precinct and areas of interest, Service for the Environmental Monitoring of Companies (SERCOM), and full environmental documentary control