At over 3,000 km long, the Indus is one of the world’s longest rivers and the longest in Pakistan. Originating in western Tibet, it follows a course through the entire length of the Punjab. AECOM was part of a joint venture looking into harnessing the power of the Indus to provide energy to local towns and cities.

We led a pre-feasibility study for a new 140-metre-high concrete face rockfill dam which would generate up to 5,4000 MW.

The first phase established a comprehensive set of neotechtonic, seismotechtonic, geological and geotechnical studies. This was followed up with a refining of the pre-feasibility of the selected option, and a high level review to aid local consultants. This included: identification of technically and economically feasible project layouts; a review of project screening procedures; provision of expert support services in hydropower and dam engineering, tunnelling and geotechnics, transmission lines, economic evaluation and environmental aspects; and assistance with project planning and programme.


Patrick Cox