For the University of Delaware, AECOM managed the decommissioning and closure of the former 3.4-million-square-foot Newark Chrysler Assembly Plant that was located adjacent to the university’s Newark campus. The project set the stage for development of a new research and technology campus on the 272-acre site—the largest-ever expansion of the campus.

The former Chrysler site, purchased by the university in 2009, had been a landmark in the state since it opened by the automaker in the 1930s as a spare parts depot. Beginning in the 1950s, military tanks and ultimately autos were assembled at the facility. Chrysler closed the plant in 2008.

AECOM was responsible for the decommissioning and cleaning process equipment and associated structures; removing asbestos-containing materials; demolition of site buildings; and removal, recycling and disposal of building material. During the effort, AECOM recycled approximately 90 percent of the material from the site.