In 2020, the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust opened a major 11-floor specialist cancer hospital, as part of its vision for transforming cancer care. The new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre provides pioneering chemotherapy, immunotherapy, bone marrow transplant, gene therapy and radiotherapy. The services also include diagnostics and imaging, outpatient, day-case treatments, a teenage and young adult unit, clinical therapies, and a wide range of cancer information and support. The proximity to Royal Liverpool University Hospital and University of Liverpool means the team can also carry out a wider range of research and clinical trials for new treatments.

Our client’s vision was to ensure that all patients could access the best and most advanced treatment, facilities and equipment, as close to home as possible. We worked collaboratively with the client, design and construction teams to ensure that the latest technical solutions were implemented. Through our design, sustainable solutions were delivered, such as the high-performance façade. This façade insulates the building while maximizing daylight penetration, patient comfort and providing views out across Liverpool. The dynamic control systems help the building perform more than 50 percent better than the Department of Health’s current guidelines for carbon targets. In addition, more than 30 percent of the building’s electrical demand is generated on site by low and zero carbon (LZC) systems such as photovoltaic panels.

Modern methods of construction (MMC) were used wherever possible, including 30 percent of the building’s structure comprising modular components. Prefabrication and modularization aid on-site construction, quality of build, reduce timescales and reduce on-site health and safety risks. Use of prefabrication and modularization across all aspects of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) installation was central to delivering this high-quality facility early on in the coronavirus pandemic. Our project team committed to social value initiatives that covered economic impact, local education, future talent, local employment, STEM ambassadors, fundraising initiatives for the new center and working within local communities.

Client: Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust

Services: Building services engineering, civil and structural engineering, acoustic engineering, sustainability, BREEAM, environmental, ecology, geo-technical engineering, transportation planning, archaeology, lift engineering, security (CCTV and access control), indoor air quality, architectural specification