AECOM participated in the development of a Preventive Report for transmission lines associated with a wind park located Juchitán, Oaxaca.

  • Analysis of Mexican Standards including the link between planning tools and applicable legal systems;
  • Vegetation and Wildlife Studies to identify the regional species in order to determine species richness. AECOM established the sampling design along 23 kilometers of a transmission line right-of-way and analyzed the information collected during field work;
  • Environmental Impact Evaluation through qualitative methods, such as the Leopold interaction matrix, which analyzes the interaction between environmental factors and Project activities that could impact those environmental factors;
  • Establish Mitigation Measures in accordance with the applicable and current standards and particular characteristics of the Project, including the preparation of a Rescue and Relocation Program for Protected Flora and Fauna;
  • Investigation and Analysis of Socioeconomic Factors of the region where the Project was to be developed.