With the aim of guaranteeing the safety of its citizens and long-term growth, Jeddah is making significant investments in the planning, engineering and construction of sustainable infrastructure with the Jeddah Stormwater Drainage Program (JSDP).

The program comprised the planning, engineering and construction of sustainable infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, creating safe and complete neighbourhoods.

Our team of interdisciplinary experts provided conceptual infrastructure engineering services and masterplanning for the program, which focused on under-developed areas of Jeddah lacking proper sanitation and water systems. Under-developed areas with poor sanitation pose a threat to the large number of inhabitants occupying the area. The program covered unplanned settlements spanning a total of 11,176 hectares and accommodating more than 200,000 people. Plans included the construction of new roads, utilities, open spaces and community facilities.

The new developments have provided a means of reinventing the social, community, economic and urban growth of the region. The implementation of the JSDP not only creates an environmentally sound city, but one without the fear of future flooding or wastewater problems.

Achieving its goal of providing proper safe and sanitary water for under-developed areas, the JSDP has rejuvenated the drainage system of Jeddah, ensuring the city’s longevity.