Promoting sustainable energy through a natural gas hydrogen blend

CS Energy has engaged AECOM to conduct a comprehensive study for the Kogan Creek Hydrogen Pre-Front End Engineering Design project in Queensland, Australia. The study explores various possibilities for establishing a cutting-edge green hydrogen production facility to supply hydrogen to the Brigalow Power Station and potential third-party off-takers. The proposed facility will be located alongside CS Energy’s existing operations at Kogan Creek as part of the Kogan Clean Energy Hub.

The primary objective of this project is to provide a sustainable hydrogen supply for CS Energy’s 400 MW Brigalow Peaking Power Plant, which is currently under development. The power station is designed to be capable of operating on a blend of natural gas and hydrogen, with the latter constituting up to 35% by volume from day one with a pathway to 100% over time.

AECOM is conducting various technical studies, including in-depth site studies, evaluation of renewable power supply options, water supply and treatment considerations, and the design of hydrogen production, storage and balance of plant facilities. AECOM will also develop planning and approval pathways and evaluate various commercial aspects of the project.

AECOM’s scope of work feeds into the broader Brigalow Peaking Power Plant project, which is expected to benefit the community, enhance environmental sustainability and accelerate the transition to renewable energy for the State. As a critical component of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, it will help ensure energy security, support renewables, and advance economic diversification.