For more than a decade, we have delivered masterplan implementation and program management support services and ongoing improvement projects to address the long-term needs of this global aviation hub.

We’ve provided masterplanning and program management services to support the LAX masterplan for modernizing the airport. The plan provides for design and phased construction and includes: an expansion of the Bradley International Terminal; a relocation of the south runway; a center taxiway to accommodate new large aircraft and improvement of airfield movements; an intermodal transportation center (ITC) to improve land access to the central terminal area, and a consolidated rental car facility (ConRAC).

We’ve delivered solutions for ongoing enhancements to LAX that enable smart, sustainable planning while also capturing the spirit of Los Angeles, helping to define the future of its major transportation nexus. In the interest of delivering a project of the highest value, the scheme functions as a kit of parts that can be easily phased and built upon for all future enhancement projects.