New York University’s (NYU) Shanghai Campus will be China’s first international university co-established by higher education institutes from China and the U.S.A., specially approved by the Ministry of Education of China, with a U.S.A.-style selective university offering a full range of academic majors.

The project, with a total gross floor area (GFA) of 63,600 square meters, comprises 15 floors, with a podium on the sixth floor.

The campus is located in the core area of Lujiazui Financial and Trade zone in Pudong, adjacent to Shanghai metro lines 2 and 4 — and less than 40 meters from the closest metro tunnels. Our project management team minimized the impact of construction to adjacent metro lines and to the surrounding Lujiazui financial area with an effective construction stage layout and site planning.

This is the second project for which AECOM is working with Shanghai Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone Development Co.