As part of the mitigation measures for the Canal Expansion Project, AECOM completed a feasibility study that identified a crossing method to satisfy both projected travel demand and community development goals. The study identified environmental, socioeconomic, cultural, and historical impacts of bridge and tunnel alternatives, and suggested mitigation measures to minimize those impacts.

Each bridge and tunnel alternative proposed by the AECOM team was compared to criteria jointly developed with Autoridad Del Canal De Panamá and consistent with key design considerations and project goals established by the Authority. The AECOM environmental, engineering, and architectural team defined the functional requirements of the crossing and also proposed design solutions that remain sensitive to the context of the crossing site. The study defined a crossing method that could be built, operated, and maintained in a manner that is consistent with best international practice for similar crossings, geotechnical and geological conditions, initial cost, life-cycle cost, and visual quality.