The 437-acre Shulan International Medical Center is positioned to be a world-class international medical center featuring a leading hospital, international health management, research and industrial incubator.

AECOM was appointed to provide a comprehensive range of services, including medical planning and interior design. In developing the design and planning concept, the project team merged the design and planning concept of the traditional medical service model with the cutting edge technology of international hospitals to meet the objective of creating an advanced medical experience for its visitors.

Part of the medical center is the 174-acre Shulan International Hospital. Its comprehensive layout was designed to enhance the operating efficiency of all functions by day while allowing the individual operations of different departments by night. The hospital’s interior design resembles that of a performance stage: with the frontstage as a comfortable public area, and the backstage as a bustling medical care area. This design helps in dividing the flow of people, thereby increasing operating efficiency and improving the quality of the hospital environment.

AECOM’s project team implemented “people-centered” planning, creating comfortable public areas, wards and private outpatient areas which were designed not only to give comfort to patients and their families, but also to create a pleasant working environment for its staff. To bring the medical staff closer to their patients and increase efficiency, offices and living areas for employees were added in the medical technology, inpatient and outpatient departments. Several public spaces have also been planned in the hospital for the conduct of health seminars.

The main hospital building’s surrounding landscape design and facilities enhance the richness of its interior, creating a bright and open public space. The combination of the rooftop garden landscaping and fifth facade design enables patients to enjoy the beautiful scenery without leaving the hospital building. An underground dining plaza was also designed to connect the commercial medical district on the east side of the hospital, providing a relaxing public area.

AECOM’s design objective is more than just to create a leading medical facility, but also to prioritize the overall user experience of both patients and staff. The facility’s streamlined interior design aims to create a comfortable and pleasant healing space, while its surrounding exterior fosters a relaxing natural environment. Shulan International Hospital is envisioned to bring convenience to the local citizens with its introduction of international medical planning and design concepts. This project will also profoundly impact the development of Hangzhou’s health industry and the implementation of the “Healthy China” strategy.