Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) vision for 2050 is to become a “wide, fair and happy society.” For PNG’s leaders, that means a society in which citizens are enabled to participate, where there is fair and equitable distribution of benefits and vulnerable communities are represented and protected. SPSN, a program AECOM is implementing in PNG, is helping the country realize this 2050 societal transformation.

The Goal

Translated to mean “Empower People, Strengthen the Nation,” SPSN is a six-year partnership between the governments of PNG and Australia. The project aims to enable civil society to work with the state and other interest groups to better meet the needs and priorities of men, women and children in communities across PNG.

Solutions and Involvement

AECOM managed the delivery of SPSN by organizing capacity-increasing activities in five key areas:

  • Increasing the practice and promotion of democratic governance through key partnerships
  • Facilitating communities working together to address identified priorities
  • Supporting initiatives that improve local governance
  • Improving collaboration of men and women to promote democratic governance
  • Strengthening human capital for the practice of democratic governance

Achievements and Outcomes

The program has benefited more than 1 million people from 87 of the country’s 89 districts and has touched all 22 provinces in PNG. More than US$53 million has been invested in activities that strengthen community participation, including civic awareness, gender equality, education, disability and combating HIV/AIDS.

Our Work and the SDGs

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been adopted by countries to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. AECOM supports the SDGs. You can read AECOM’s Sustainability Report 2016  to learn more about how our work on clients’ projects, like this one, is helping transform the world.