Yunnan Province, China’s major gateway to Southeast Asia and South Asia, is the hub connecting the Silk Road Economic Belt to the north and connecting the Maritime Silk Road to the south.

As the Yunnan’s provincial capital, Kunming plays an irreplaceable role in Yangtze River Economic Belt Strategy. Zooming in, the Wujiaba area in central Kunming, with a total area of 1091.11 hectares, is Kunming’s future CBD. AECOM’s masterplan transforms the historic Wujiaba airport into a future smart city with the Wujiaba Greenland Headquarters at its core.

The Wujiaba Greenland Headquarters is a 415,000 m2 urban mixed-use development featuring a 428m landmark tower, two 200 m luxury residential towers, a 70,000m2 retail-entertainment complex and a convention center. The main tower combines high end office space, a five-star hotel, premium international serviced apartments, luxury sky villas and is topped with a cloud art gallery featuring a 360 degree view of Kunming. By integrating the natural curve of flower petals into the façade design, AECOM vividly created this three-dimensional urban structure in the design concept of “Bloomsome” that successfully preserved Kunming’s unique ‘nature’ character with a cutting edge sustainable design. The super-high-rise urban complex also promotes convenience and diverse lifestyles in a low carbon environment that testifies Kunming being China‘s “Spring City”.