Vertical Transportation Services (North America)

Elevators, escalators, and moving walkways are an integral part of our modern, fast-paced infrastructure. When we enter a building, transit station, or airport, these elements of vertical transportation are among our first and most necessary encounters.

When working with building owners, architects, engineers, or facility managers, AECOM’s dedicated vertical transportation (VT) team incorporates the latest advancements in technology, delivering innovative, cost-efficient and, of critical importance, fully integrated applications to satisfy project and client demands. To fulfill these goals, the VT team offers comprehensive support and interdisciplinary coordination to produce a complete package of vertical transportation analyses, assessments, designs, and construction phase services for new installation, modernization, or refurbishment projects.

In our practice, vertical transportation is synonymous with efficiency, comfort, and reliability. Our team’s VT experience focuses on energy efficiency, lifecycle costs, economical core design, intelligent integrated service design, and advanced control systems. Our public and private sector clients, with assets as diverse as airports, railways, schools and universities, hospitals, courthouses, office buildings, and treatment plants, appreciate our ability to consistently achieve maximum performance and equipment uptime, while minimizing energy consumption and other impacts on the building’s core and structure.

Our team is experienced in collaborating across AECOM’s business lines, and we have immediate access to AECOM’s suite of resources, such as company-wide servers and databases as well as standards for project delivery excellence, enabling easy coordination between teams working in multiple offices around the states. As experts in the specialized field of vertical transportation, you can count on us to deliver affordable, customized, and cohesive solutions that meet your client’s specific needs.

A full range of services:

Design Deliverables

  • Design Drawings, Specifications, Cost Estimates
  • Equipment Selection, Multi-disciplinary Coordination
  • Compliance with Applicable Codes, Standards and References
  • Solving logistical problems through design of proper Vertical Transportation Systems.


  • Elevator/Escalator Upgrades and Replacements
  • Existing Equipment Inspections and Recommendations
  • New Product Assessments, Studies, and White Papers
  • Code and ADA Analyses for Vertical Transportation Equipment

Construction Phase

  • Schedule Review
  • Responses to Requests for Information/ Copy (RFI/RFC)
  • Shop Drawing/Submittal Review
  • Change Order Review
  • Field Inspections, Acceptance Inspections, Construction Administration
  • Progress Visits, Field Installation Assessment, Quality Reviews
  • End of Construction Punch List and Follow-up

Pedestrian Flow Analysis

  • Vertical Transportation Simulations
  • Elevator Average Wait Time Calculations, Peak Time Projections