The world has changed. The digital and physical environments have converged, technology is now embedded in our critical infrastructure, and the data it generates is a vital foundation that supports our daily lives.

Along with this new world structure come new problems and a need for comprehensive physical and cyber resiliency that can—in and of itself—present complex challenges. Governments and businesses must find a framework that addresses the needs of this new reality—one that enables agencies and organizations to protect, interpret and act on the information that data supplies, which are critical steps to anticipating and mitigating disaster.  This framework must also allow them to be resilient and recover from disasters when they occur.

At AECOM, we understand the challenges of this newly-technologized world.

Our converged resilience approach aligns narrowly focused disciplines into an all-encompassing program. We know that each form of data stream is interconnected and that all data streams must be viewed holistically. We also possess a deep understanding of the need for resilience, so that physical and cyber data can be recovered quickly and efficiently with as little disruption as possible.

Our expertise includes extensive experience in cyber security, creating safe, secure, effective and economic solutions focused on mission continuity. We design, build and operate facilities, systems, and associated infrastructure for virtually every market sector. We know that operational resilience must address wired and wireless cybersecurity, physical security and safety, environmental impact, process improvement and an executable governance structure. Our cybersecurity, information technology and risk experts work closely with our architects and engineers, providing tailored solutions that minimize risks, align security investments to industry-specific standards and greatly reduce the impact of an incident.