Travel Demand Management

Traffic, congestion—call it by any name the costs are the same, lost money, inconvenience and increased greenhouse gas emissions. The cause of congestion is simple: demand versus capacity. The answer to this problem is challenging. That’s where AECOM comes in.

We are travel behavior experts who understand that congestion exacts costs on people and communities. Our Travel Demand Management (TDM) practice designs and executes programs that develops and implements a set of strategies that influence travel behavior change so people can get where they need to go with less cost and less impact on the environment. We incorporate traditional and untraditional TDM approaches including ridesharing, bicycling, telework, transit, car sharing, on-demand services, and real-time applications redistributing commuter travel across alternatives and away from daily peak periods. Our services include:

  • Turnkey program management
  • Worksite and commute outreach
  • Marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Call/resource center operations
  • Stakeholder coordination
  • Commuter incentive program development
  • Database and program participation management
  • Safe routes to school
  • School pool coordination