High Tech

The challenges facing the high-tech industry in the 21st century are complex: maintaining talent, minimizing supply chain disruption, and implementing sustainable, environmentally sound solutions for research and development.

Success in this lightning-fast industry depends on speed, product life-cycle management and constantly improving operating processes to stay competitive.

Meeting these challenges requires a fully integrated engineering and construction services organization with the capabilities to support the entire project in a holistic manner — from inception through construction, operations and maintenance, to decommissioning and closure.

AECOM is that company. Our ability to provide a complete range of services in a wide array of market sectors; to develop innovative and cost-effective technical solutions to complex projects; and to serve our clients through our worldwide network of professionals are what make AECOM a global leader.

Corporate Headquarters and Campuses

We offer integrated services for supporting campus environments — from identifying new sites through comprehensive due diligence and environmental work, to ensuring a streamlined and safe construction process. Our suite of services includes work-space planning, strategy plus, interiors, architecture, engineering design, construction and construction management services to address the specialized needs of new and expanding office facilities. On all our campus projects, AECOM is committed to minimizing environmental and energy/water footprints through source reduction, and optimizing energy and water efficiency. Our work has included new greenfield and brownfield facilities, plus modernization, replacement, addition, hazardous mitigation, and repair and retrofit projects.

Data Centers and Mission-Critical Facilities

AECOM’s experience in data center and mission-critical facilities covers a wide range of roles and responsibilities, from conducting site evaluation surveys to serving as lead consultant on design and project management. Our specialized planning, design and construction teams understand these extraordinary environments. We recognize the need to provide standardized solutions that allow a simplified installation process that enables expansion to occur in the future with cost, time and maintenance benefits. Our mission-critical experience includes N+1 through N+N redundant systems for generator systems, UPS, cooling systems, D.C. plants, potable water systems, and other mission-critical components that eliminate single-point failure scenarios while maximizing system up-time.

Manufacturing Facilities and Supply Chain Management

We serve clients worldwide in the design and construction of facilities for manufacturing and assembling computers and peripherals, batteries, telecommunications equipment, printed circuit boards, and other electronic and high technology industry products. Our focus is on helping clients improve operations by optimizing production processes and developing engineered systems that enhance economic and environmental performance. Our work includes a breadth of supply chain strategy and management services that seek to increase productivity, conserve resources, optimize life-cycle costs and reduce risks.

Semiconductor Facilities

AECOM provides design, construction and maintenance services for semiconductor R&D/ production facilities. Many of these facilities include clean rooms, laboratories, specialized HVAC systems, high-purity piping, sophisticated waste treatment, computer facilities and special security features. We have provided our services for the development of clean-rooms and work stations with cleanliness ratings from Class 100,000 down to Class 1.

Research and Development

Among the leading drivers of the high-tech industry are innovation and product development. Research and development play a major role in a company’s ability to stay ahead of its competitors. AECOM brings clients extensive experience in planning, design and construction of research and development centers. Our projects include chemistry and physical science laboratories, clean rooms, wind tunnels, test beds and a broad range of controlled environment facilities. We have been responsible for the expansion, modification, renovation and modernization of laboratory, R&D, test and institutional support facilities, as well as site-wide utility systems, roads and parking lots, and environmental remediation.