From landmarked concert halls to avant-garde art installations, AECOM has successfully delivered the most challenging arts and cultural projects to world-renowned clients for decades. We specialize in iconic destinations, helping to improve the world, one cultural destination at a time.

Buildings that are used for tourism and cultural recreation — including theatres, cinemas, visitor centers, museums and galleries — have exacting requirements. These buildings are just as much a part of the users’ experience as the show or exhibition; they have to be aesthetically pleasing and engage the visitor while delivering against the owner/occupier’s stringent performance bottom line and operational standards.

Our professionals are proactive in addressing the concerns of our clients and their benefactors. We are adept at project cost-tracking, managing historic preservation processes and collaboratively engaging stakeholders to find solutions regardless of the challenges. Our cutting-edge technical management systems combined with our unrivaled depth of experience in sustainable construction allows us to deliver optimal solutions that add value to our clients’ projects and enhances their brand image.