Industrial Strategy – AECOM Reaction

“It’s encouraging to see such a well aligned strategy that focuses on foundations that appeal to not only the short term problem but the situation faced by generations to come. We welcome the call to rally behind the construction industry strategy, following its leadership and implement the plans that are in place.”

“We’re extremely enthused by the prominence of modular and the strategy to encourage the use of offsite manufacturing by government departments, we see this as an important step to modernise our industry. Here at AECOM we recognise that for such schemes, the design process of the future is as important as construction. So therefore we welcome the investment in education for both construction and digital skills.”

“It is also critical to see that the importance of places continues to be championed. As a company that has offices all over the UK we have both local and national interests, so therefore the drive for prosperous communities throughout the UK and not just in the capital is key.”

“Behind the enthusiasm for the strategy however it is important to recognise  that private sector funding will be critical to make this strategy a success; injecting pace into the strategy will be important to secure investment from an increasingly global and competitive market place to help make projects ‘’in Britain’’ marketable . But perhaps one of the biggest challenges that this strategy throws up is that of procuring for value. The opportunity to realise whole life value in procurement rather than just capital cost is huge, and if successful this could have a significant and welcomed impact on the industry and UK’s productivity. Changing attitudes by those who procure will require great leadership”

John Hicks, Director and Head of Government & Public, AECOM


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