Digital Infrastructure

Speed of delivery remains the primary driver for our clients in the digital infrastructure ecosystem.  Our global team of specialists deliver data centers, subsea fiber, terrestrial fiber, landing stations, and satellite backup networks quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing uptime, resiliency, or sustainability.

Global data center design team

Strategically located around the world, our data center design team supports projects across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our team comprises highly knowledgeable data center experts with both hyperscale and colocation data center design experience and are globally connected to deliver a consistent product.

Innovation and digital advisory

As innovators in data center design and delivery, we are utilizing analytics to evolve our practice and provide our clients with the most sophisticated new technologies. Our in-house innovation and digital practice advisory team harnesses the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and data science to optimize projects and programs in terms of sustainability, equity, flexibility, quality, and safety. We are utilizing our own software-as-a-service (Saas) platform with the latest software tools from our partners to continuously develop digital tools and technologies to streamline data center design and delivery across the global digital infrastructure.

Site selection and due diligence

Our site selection and due diligence practice and advisory services provides tailored solutions for EHS, building/asset(s) condition, capital expenditure (CAPEX), and operating expenditure (OPEX) dynamics that impact potential liability accruals, business expansion, and ongoing business continuity. Our team delivers comprehensive, cost-sensitive site assessments/investigations, permitting/compliance reviews, risk quantification and management services—for a single site or global portfolio with country-specific regulatory, linguistic, and cultural support tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

Sustainability and decarbonization advisory

Our sustainability and portfolio decarbonization advisory services help our clients on their journey to net zero carbon. We’re skilled in the development and delivery of water and power infrastructure and sustainability strategies such as renewable power generation, waste heat recovery, microgrid design, aquifer recharge and grey water reuse.

With many of our clients committing to operate on carbon-free energy, we are focused on developing new technologies, inventing new approaches and advocating for smart policy. Achieving this goal will require a collaborative approach, so we’re focused on several emergent technologies—advanced nuclear, enhanced geothermal, low-impact hydro, long-duration storage, green hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage to provide uninterruptable, efficient, and clean energy for data center infrastructure across the world. These alternative approaches of employing clean energy for grid balancing are already succeeding commercially and at scale, which means that carbon-based resources are simply no longer necessary and true round-the-clock clean energy is achievable.

Case studies

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