Pulp & Paper

AECOM has a substantial track record in the planning, design and construction of pulp and paper facilities, working with some of our largest clients in this sector for over three years.

We have designed and/or constructed thousands of facilities and expansions for many of the world’s largest industrial concerns.

Projects range from infrastructure development, pulp & paper mills, wastewater treatment plants and co-gen facilities, to sophisticated manufacturing and high-technology facilities. The company has proven capability for design and construction of totally integrated grassroots facilities, plant expansions, modernizations and retrofit programs.

We offer a complete range of services to our clients, from feasibility studies through design, procurement, construction, start-up and commissioning as well as ongoing Environmental Health and Safety and Operations and Maintenance services. We specialize in EPC work, offering a professional, coordinated management approach for the total integration of project development from conceptual design through detailed engineering, procurement, construction start-up and commissioning. With a long-term, successful background in the execution of EPC contracts, AECOM can provide the expertise to overlap the traditional phases of a project in order to achieve fast-track performance.


Representative Services:

      • Masterplanning/Land Planning
      • Project Management
      • Environmental Services
      • Design and Engineering Services
      • Procurement and Logistics
      • Construction
      • Startup and Commissioning
      • Operations and Maintenance