Environmental Sustainability

Meeting the future with confidence

At AECOM we focus on delivering innovative, pragmatic and resilient sustainable development solutions. These seek to grow community support and help protect and enhance the natural environment, allowing our clients to meet the future with confidence.

Three of the top 10 risks that will affect world development over the next 10 years are environmental: water crises, failure of climate-change adaptation and biodiversity loss. [World Economic Forum – Insight Report: Global Risks 2015]

The world is reaching for solutions to the challenge of feeding and housing a population of 10 billion with all their needs for energy, water, land and resources in the face of a changing climate. AECOM is at the forefront in addressing this challenge, providing thought leadership, evidence-based policy research and innovative business solutions that position our clients on the right path for tomorrow’s world. Our expert technical teams are involved in all stages of the project development cycle, from investment reviews and early proof of concept, to feasibility and optioneering of schemes through delivery and monitoring to responsible decommissioning, remediation, divestments and re-development.

Our business and policy teams weave sustainable development solutions into the daily activities of our clients, to assist in making better decisions around investment, corporate strategies, supply chains and procurement across all sectors. We also are in partnership with some of the leading academic institutions, enhancing our research and development capability.



Representative Services:

      • Carbon and energy management
      • Circular economy applications
      • Climate strategy and finance
      • Natural capital and ecosystem services
      • Supply chain management
      • Sustainability risk and performance management
      • Strategic Environmental Assessment and
      • Sustainability Appraisal
      • Social impact measurement and valuation
      • Social capital
      • Equality Impact Assessment