Our Urbanism + Planning team merges landscape architecture, urban design, planning, infrastructure, resiliency, sustainable development and economics to help cities and communities thrive.

Our work positively impacts cities and communities through integrated design that addresses social space, cultural relevance, infrastructure, active mobility, natural habitats and resiliency. Our practice is both broad and specific with professionals across all disciplines - urban planning, master planning, landscape architecture, economics, urban analytics, sustainability, parks and community planning. City making demands both benefits for citizens and returns to investors.

Nothing is more important to this equation than creating destinations that inspire use and reward it with memories, a shared sense of belonging and invariably, greater value. Great places, places that we love and return to again and again, are not formulaic, though most share a number of attributes. Activated places with comfortable, memorable spaces can balance the often competing needs for community ownership, social equity, financial success, resource conservation, vernacular identity and cosmopolitan appeal. Our challenge is to accomplish a successful blend of ingredients over the shortest possible time.