Centre de la Nature Master Plan

Laval, Quebec, Canada

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The Centre de la nature, with its surface area covering over 46 hectares, is the largest urban park in the City of Laval. Since its creation in 1968, it has become one of the busiest and most popular parks for Laval residents thanks to its varied facilities and generous 4-season programming. 

Our team’s new vision for the park was developed in close collaboration with the City of Laval. It is an essential gathering location where visitors can enjoy green spaces and cultural events, discover gardens and wildlife, and take part in a wide selection of sports and outdoor activities. In addition to enhancing the user experience, our concept focused on achieving carbon neutrality by reducing carbon emissions to zero and integrating sustainable design elements such as geothermal energy, solar power, green roofs, rainwater recovery and on-site waste management.    

In the center of the park, a brand-new Maison agro-horticole (MAH) will become a benchmark for showcasing innovation in horticulture and urban agriculture. Partnerships will be explored with local stakeholders such as the neighboring Centre de formation horticole de Laval and producers in the agri-food sector. In addition to being a hub for exchanges, training and research, the MAH will form the core of the park’s horticultural and agricultural operations, thus allowing the Centre de la nature to transition towards a circular economy (through recovery of organic material) and achieve the highest standards in sustainable management. 

AECOM won an award in the Landscapes & Territories category at the 16th Grands Prix du Design (INT.design) for the Centre de la nature master plan which was recognized for its harmony between functionality and aesthetics and its innovation in urban agriculture.


  • Grands Prix du Design 16th Edition, Concept / concept in landscape and/or urban development : Platinum Winner, 2023
  • Grands Prix du Design 16th Edition, Special Awards / Environmental Project : Gold Certification, 2023
  • Grands Prix du Design 16th Edition, Urban Design / Civic Design Project : Gold Certification, 2023