Faro Mine Remediation

Faro, Yukon, Canada

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Once the largest open pit lead-zinc mine in the world, Faro Mine is now the site of one of the most complex abandoned mine remediation projects in Canada. The 25 square kilometre mine site located in south-central Yukon on traditional territory of KaskaNations was abandoned in 1998 and has since been in care and maintenance. 

Our team has been involved in the site remediation since 2007. Initially in a subconsultant role, we supported the regulatory process through environmental assessments, hydrogeology, aquatic field programs, fish and fish habitat studies, strategic fisheries advice, environmental monitoring, and environmental audits. We also helped mitigate imminent environmental damage through permitting support for urgent works tasks.  

Our socioeconomic team compiled previous consultation information, and developed a socioeconomic management and monitoring plan to provide guidance on delivering mitigation measures. The plan intended to maximize benefits for local area residents while advancing the design of the project.  

In 2022, we were contracted by Public Services and Procurement Canada on behalf of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada to lead the team developing the remediation plan design and quality assurance support services. This includes tracking and replying to inquiries and developing the detailed design and tendering for remediation works. 

Along with our partners, we are providing engineering services for an overall “stabilize-in-place” remediation approach, including decommissioning, removing mine infrastructure, and managing contaminated and treated water.  

The project’s key objectives are to protect human health and safety; safeguard the environment, including land, air, water, fish, and wildlife; maximize local and Yukon socioeconomic benefits; manage long-term site risk in a cost-effective manner; and return the mine site to an acceptable state of use that reflects pre-mine land use, where possible. This work is being performed with the support of the Ross River Dena Council, allowing us to continue to provide Indigenous opportunities and initiatives to the community. 


  • Consulting Engineers of Alberta Showcase Awards, Award of Merit, Environmental, 2020