Disaster Resilience

Natural and man-made disasters can occur anywhere and at any time. Whether it's an earthquake on the other side of the world or a hurricane flooding our own backyard, AECOM responds not only as a company with expert resources that can help, but also as neighbors who care about our communities. Preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery – AECOM is your partner every step of the way to help you and the communities you serve become more resilient.

Highlighted Successes

  • Assisted 3.5 million disaster survivors; responded to 400+ disasters worldwide
  • 200+ disaster resilience professionals on staff
  • 40+ years of disaster response for US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Supported HUD and FEMA program case and grants management for 115,000+ survivors across eight states and territories; capable of processing 5,000+ applicants concurrently; 30,000 homeowners served; 3.6 million housing inspections
  • "Zero claw back" funding through our understanding of Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) programs
  • 200+ climate adaptation projects and studies; internationally recognized for leadership in climate risk and resilience
  • Deployed side-by-side with US Navy teams within 18 hours of Hurricane Irma’s landfall to support NAVFAC response efforts, as the Category 4 hurricane damaged seven US Naval installations in Florida
  • Led development of fast-tracked recovery plan for Tyndall Air Force Base that incorporated the input of 200 stakeholders and re-envisions it as an "installation of the future" following Hurricane Michael, which damaged 95% of the structures at the mission-critical military installation


We work with government agencies and communities to make preparations and develop plans of action to successfully manage and execute response and recovery activities.

We quickly mobilize resources to respond during and immediately following an event. We put emergency plans and training into action to save lives and prevent further property damage from hazardous conditions.

  • Alternate care facilities
  • Emergency protective measures
  • Equipment and asset relocation and secure-in-place
  • Evacuation and shelter operations
  • Humanitarian and feeding missions
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Mass care missions, including medical and psychological care
  • Risk assessment and risk communication
  • Search and rescue
  • Staff, equipment, and supply mobilization
  • Temporary housing and rapid repair solutions

We repair and restore impacted communities by helping to expedite a return to normal daily life. We’re typically on the ground performing these missions within 24 hours of an event and continue to support the recovery and rebuilding process for months, or even years, afterwards.

  • Case management
  • Cost estimates
  • Damage assessments
  • Debris management
  • Design and reconstruction
  • Environmental / impact assessments
  • Equipment repair and replacement
  • Grant management and assistance
  • Housing recovery
  • Infrastructure recovery
  • Insurance evaluations
  • Interim housing and infrastructure
  • Mission objective and scheduling adjustment
  • Program management and construction management
  • Re-occupancy / return to business
  • Short- and long-term recovery planning / economic modeling

We focus on building stronger communities to mitigate the impact of future disasters. We help our clients evaluate lessons learned and apply mitigation strategies to become more resilient.