Planning, designing and shaping sustainable cities

Our unique contribution to the urban agenda is our whole-systems approach to better prioritize projects, plan ahead, protect vulnerable assets and provide sustainable growth. We work in partnership with cities large and small, mature and emerging to imagine and implement the kind of urban environments and critical resilient infrastructure that provide opportunity for everyone and improve economic output.

Our expertise

Our specialist team provides strategic consultancy, economics, architecture, master planning and a range of ESG advisory services together with digital and technological solutions to improve access to education, healthcare, sport, transport, clean air, water and safer spaces.

Our services

Our projects

Our teams have advised cities and delivered a range of projects large and small all around the world; from master planning and urban design to economic advisory and climate resilience solutions.

Our perspectives

Our city leaders are at the heart of shaping the world’s global towns and cities. They are sought out for their expertise, opinions and design perspectives to help tackle some of today’s most complex and pressing challenges, from climate change to public safety and social equity.

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