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At AECOM, collaboration is at the heart of all that we do.

With a global network, our supply chain is paramount to our success as a company. Working with thousands of suppliers around the world, our teams ensure our projects are delivered to the highest standards. From upholding our ethical values within the workplace to solving the world’s most complex challenges, we are committed to building relationships with a range of diverse, innovative suppliers to provide our client solutions.

We work with suppliers who meet our rigorous quality standards and whose values are in alignment with our own. Similarly, we expect our suppliers to share the same commitments as we do towards sustainability, ESG and health and safety – so that we can continue delivering a better world, together.

Working with AECOM

AECOM’s approach to supply chain management and procurement ensures we can be confident that:

  • The procurement of goods and services aligns with wider company goals and values
  • We have access to a reliable supply chain of expertise and capability to assist in delivering solutions to clients
  • We identify and develop strong, sustainable relationships with a range of diverse suppliers
  • We procure all goods and services in a transparent, sustainable, and ethical manner

Suppliers are invited to support AECOM’s project delivery programs during which time suppliers will undergo due diligence  to ensure they meet AECOM’s compliance requirements before becoming an approved supplier.

Please view our Supply Chain FAQ for more information on working with AECOM.

To learn more about the services we offer, please visit the Integrated Services section of our website.

Supplier diversity

AECOM values a fully inclusive and diverse range of suppliers irrespective of size, collectively known as Supplier Diversity and Inclusion or SD&I.

SD&I suppliers are described using various terms in programs across the globe (for example, Small and Medium Enterprises, Small Business Enterprises, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises, Indigenous Businesses, Minority-owned Businesses).

We believe that SD&I suppliers bring innovation and expertise that assist AECOM in supporting our customers and their missions and continuously seeks to identify new small and diverse firms to support our work across our markets.

Find out more about our small business initiatives:

Supply Chain Policies and Procedures

Here you can find further details about the standards we expect from our supply chain: