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AECOM is committed to safeguarding a workplace culture defined by integrity which is paramount to AECOM’s continued success.

AECOM has a responsibility to make certain we, and those we work with, always provide services ethically in a manner consistent with AECOM’s Core Values and in compliance with the law.  AECOM’s  Supplier Code of Conduct extends the same principles of operational excellence, safe working practices, ethical and responsible conduct, environmental sustainability, and fair and respectful treatment of all individuals and suppliers throughout its supply chain.  

AECOM values a fully inclusive and diverse range of suppliers irrespective of size, collectively known as Supplier Diversity and Inclusion or SD&I. SD&I suppliers are described using various terms in programs across the globe (for example, Small and Medium Enterprises, Small Business Enterprises, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises, Indigenous Businesses, Minority-owned Businesses). SD&I suppliers play a vital role in supporting the services AECOM provides and we welcome submissions from SD&I suppliers.  

When contracting on AECOM’s Sub-Consultancy Agreements, suppliers are required to confirm they have read and understood and will fully comply with this Code.  Suppliers should also communicate these values to their own suppliers. 

You can download the AECOM Supplier Code of conduct here. To read the Code of conduct in other languages, use the links on the sidebar.