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We safeguard our people, projects and reputation by striving for zero employee injuries and illnesses, while operating and delivering our work responsibly and sustainably.

Safeguarding our people is a core value at AECOM, and our focus on safety was never more apparent than in fiscal 2020. Over the course of the year, our Total Recordable Incident Rate improved by 31% over the prior year to 0.11, and our Lost Workday Case Rate improved by 40% to 0.03. Both of these metrics reflect a world-class level of safety performance and are at an industry-leading level.

AECOM has been commended by clients and councils with numerous safety awards across the globe over the course of FY2020. The United States National Safety Council (NSC) awarded AECOM 157 awards in 2020. We were also awarded the 2020 Ground Investigation Project of the Year Awarded to Structural Soils working with Highways England and AECOM, and the 2020 Health and Safety Award, recognizing AECOM and Equipe Training’s safety initiative to ensure plant and rig conformity/compliance on the Lower Thames Crossing project.

We have also been recognized with the RoSPA President’s (11 consecutive Golds) Award for 2020 for our health and safety performance.

In addition, hundreds of AECOM supervisors earned Safety Qualified Supervisor status, an internal AECOM program demonstrating commitment to our values and outstanding leadership abilities.

Our nine Life-Preserving Principles

Our nine Life-Preserving Principles are core to everything we do. Through the voices of our leaders, learn what these principles mean and how we bring them to life in our day-to-day work.

1. Demonstrated Management Commitment

Our Executive, senior and project managers will lead the SH&E improvement process and continuously demonstrate support and commitment.

2. Employee Participation

Our employees will be encouraged and empowered to become actively engaged in our safety processes through their active participation in safety committees, training, audits, observations and inspections. Employees will be encouraged to participate in health initiatives and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

3. Budgeting and Staffing for Safety

Our safety staff will be competent, fully trained and qualified to provide technical resources to our internal and external clients. A budget to support safety activities will be included in project proposals.

4. Pre-Planning

Our design, engineering, project and construction management staffs will deploy effective risk mitigation efforts to design, plan and build safety into every project. Pre-Project and Pre-Task planning will be an effective tool in protecting our employees and the environment.

5. Contractor Management

Our project staff will work closely with our sub-consultants, subcontractors, contractors and JV Partners to provide a safe work environment for employees and members of the public. Our goal of SH&E performance excellence will be equally shared by all project participants.

6. Recognition and Rewards

Our employees will be recognized for their efforts in working safely and their support of our safety efforts.

7. Safety Orientation and Training

Our employees will be provided with effective safety training in order to identify and mitigate hazards in the workplace to prevent injuries to themselves and others who may be affected by their actions.

8. Incident Investigation

Our managers and safety professionals will investigate all recordable incidents and serious near misses to identify contributing factors and root causes in order to prevent a reoccurrence. Lessons learned shall be identified, communicated and implemented.

9. Fit for Duty

Our employees are responsible to report to work each day fit for duty and not to pose a health and safety hazard to themselves or others.

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