Our pursuit of creative innovation and design excellence is fueled by a unique global view, a culture of holistic multi-disciplinary thinkers, a diverse and inclusive design process, and a shared ethos that calls for work that is clear, thoughtful, efficient, ecological, and adaptable.

Design Excellence

As a global network of experts, we solve complex design problems regardless of scale. From strategic planning through project realization, the connections we make among people and places provide enduring value, meaningful experiences, and sustainable outcomes for the communities we serve. Our transformative designs are informed by a broad range of research and expertise in human cognitive performance, health, and wellbeing; energy optimization and carbon reduction; as well as advanced design, delivery, and construction technologies and methodologies.

Environmental Performance

We work to ensure that the architecture we create in partnership with our clients leaves a positive, lasting impact for communities and our planet.  A significant focus today is improving environmental performance and limiting both embodied and operational carbon in our projects.  In addition, we are designing for adaptation to extreme weather and other adverse effects of climate change.

Digitally Advanced

Our cutting-edge capabilities harness the most current commercially available BIM software together with new programs created by our research and development teams for performance modelling, carbon measurement, fa├žade design and program massing to optimize building performance.

Our Markets

Recognized with over 10,000 significant design awards, our global portfolio of work comprises the design of iconic buildings across multiple sectors, including: Cities, National Governments, Education, Transportation, Energy, Tech & Logistics, Sciences, Commercial & Residential, Sport Venues, Justice, Healthcare, Leisure and Industrial.


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