The Power of Inclusive Public Engagement in Urban Resilience

Case Studies and Vignettes from the 100 Resilient Cities Strategy Partners


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Investing in Resilient Infrastructure

AECOM sponsored a team of students at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced and International Studies to think about this issue and make some recommendations


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Shaping the Draft
London Plan

Our 10 thoughts on the draft London Plan + 10 Big Ideas that were missed


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Showcasing innovation and cities

How to shape cities of the future


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2016 CDP Cities Report

CDP and AECOM reveal climate change data and actions from 533 global cities


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Connected Cities Blog

Perspectives on built, natural and social systems for better urban environments


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Innovative Housing Solutions

Housing is integrally connected to decisions about urban growth.


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What’s next in making cities resilient?

We’re helping cities overcome significant challenges and build a brilliant future


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Exploring the Future of Southwest Brooklyn

With the largest amount of underdeveloped land, Southwest Brooklyn is poised to grow


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What Makes Sydney a Brilliant City?

Connecting, funding, greening and innovating solutions to deliver tomorrow’s cities.


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Jigsaw City: Redefinition of the Asian New Town

Exploring the phenomenon of urbanization in Asia


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Capturing Value

Innovative funding and financing methods to help build and revitalize communities


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From New York to Bucharest

How New York can help Bucharest move forward as a thriving, dynamic European city


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London – Big Bold Global Connected

A manifesto for long term growth of the London City Region


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Climate Design

Design and planning measures to combat climate change, and adjust to life on a warming planet.


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Two Steps to a World City

Welcome to Beijing’s bright present and future


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Arizona Sun Corridor

Moving from Metro to Mega


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Auckland, Connected

Could Auckland be the world’s next most liveable city?


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The Secret to Growing a Brilliant City

If you could describe the perfect city, how would it look and feel?


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