Transaction Advisory operates primarily in the project finance market, including various derivatives of project finance (PPP/PFI/P3), and thereafter in the development and real estate finance markets, undertaking work across various technical structures. Technical due diligence and general project risk advice is provided through the evolving process, across many sectors.

Our team specialises in senior lender and equity investor advisory on projects across social, economic and energy infrastructure sectors, but also undertakes SPV and government advisory work.

Transaction advisory highlights technical and commercial risks associated with projects and their structuring, from basic project structure to construction and engineering risks and resultant operational risks over the contract term. Typically, such work is undertaken in conjunction with legal, financial and insurance advisors to offer an overall assessment of risk on the project.

Transaction advisory undertakes the following broad range of services:

  • Initial structuring, procurement and technical risk transfer advice and assessment
  • Business case development and project viability
  • Guiding projects from concept through to a commercial and/or financial close position
  • Monitoring on site construction and engineering works
  • Monitoring operational performance, including performance analysis across sectors (from schools to highways and health to energy from waste)

Our team utilises technical and economic market-place knowledge across sectors to ensure projects receive the best information and knowledge to ensure a workable project.