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In 2020, equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) took center stage in many of our daily conversations across the globe. These important discussions and moments of reflection have given people, communities, organizations and government officials a chance to reexamine their commitment to this vital effort. While ED&I have always been a part of our culture, we’re taking steps to set a global path to integrate our principles into all aspects of our work and measure results.

Earlier this year, I accepted a role dedicated to building our global ED&I programs. After 28 years at AECOM and its legacy companies as a transportation business leader and an advocate for our diversity initiatives in the Americas, this is an incredible opportunity to combine my knowledge of the business and our clients with my passion for advancing equal opportunity and representation across our organization. I’ve worked with leaders around the globe to develop a robust ED&I framework to empower those in our companies and communities to thrive. We’re focused on four key areas to drive greater equity, diversity and inclusion within AECOM and beyond:

Building Diverse Talent

To tackle the world’s most complex challenges, we attract, hire and develop talented people of all backgrounds, and ensure inclusivity and fairness in our sourcing, interview and hiring processes. Through our partnerships with nonprofit organizations and universities, we offer robust internships, graduate development programs and volunteer opportunities that help give underserved populations access to STEAM education.

Enriching Communities

Our Blueprint for a Better World platform reflects our responsibility to champion equity, diversity and inclusion in our communities through pro-bono work, volunteerism, philanthropy and strategic partnerships with global nonprofit organizations like Engineers Without Borders and Water for People. We deepen our engagement with communities through our commitment to supplier diversity, providing leadership to ensure that diverse-owned businesses are supported and successful.

Expanding Understanding

To help every employee feel valued and included, we’re fostering an inclusive workplace through community-building, training and family-friendly benefit policies. We conduct regular employee surveys and discussions to understand our employees’ experiences and provide a forum for deeper understanding and empathy. Our employee resource groups and networks create a sense of belonging and lead community outreach, and strategic mentorships promote ongoing dialogue and heightened awareness of ED&I issues and opportunities.

Thinking Without Limits

Promoting equity, diversity and inclusion can’t be done in a silo. By cultivating a workforce that more closely represents the clients and the communities we serve, we are able to better anticipate and respond to their needs. Further, we prioritize the social impact and benefits of equity, diversity and inclusion, factoring these considerations into every project we pursue and the innovative solutions we deliver.

Some examples of how we are delivering on this strategy include:

  • Developing global equity, diversity and inclusion-focused training for employees and managers
  • Creating supplier diversity support across our organization
  • Hosting regular virtual panels to celebrate cultural recognition events
  • Activating Employee Resource Groups and reverse mentoring programs
  • Enhancing our diversity recruiting programs

Our equity, diversity and inclusion approach incorporates input and participation from our people at every level. From the ED&I global steering committee sponsored by AECOM’s executive leadership team, to regional and local office groups, everyone is encouraged to be part of our journey

For more information check out our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion page.

Originally published Nov 5, 2020

Author: Janie Tiedeman