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Lynn Feng, planning manager, mobility consulting and transportation decarbonization, shares about her expertise in transportation planning and emerging technologies, and how her work is connecting communities across Los Angeles and making transit accessible to all.

I’m a passionate planning manager in AECOM’s Los Angeles office and was drawn to California from 7,000 miles away to pursue my master’s degree in planning at the University of Southern California. With a seven-year tenure with AECOM, I’ve dedicated myself to advancing the transportation sector and making impactful contributions to the broader L.A. community.

I have a deep passion for the transportation sector and actively seek opportunities to broaden my expertise and engagement. I’ve contributed to a wide range of projects, encompassing various modes of transportation and emerging technologies in diverse settings. I combine my experience in the public and private sectors for clients across the U.S. and globally such as FRA, USTDA, L.A. Metro, SCAG, TriMet, DelDOT, the L.A. 2028 Olympics Committee, and NEOM, to name a few.

My expertise in planning has flourished since my move to L.A., especially in transit and rail. I now understand how different modes of transportation support the diversified needs for mobility and its vitality. It’s more than just motion — it’s the lifeblood of the city, influencing the daily routines of residents and the delivery of goods.

I believe in and am deeply committed to sustainable development, and I will continue my journey as a transit advocate and do what I can as a practitioner to help advance quality transit systems and bridge neighborhoods with improved connectivity.

Pioneers in the transportation industry work towards crafting a more healthy, diverse and resilient L.A. My involvement in projects like the Crenshaw Northern Extension project for L.A. Metro holds personal significance because it directly influences my own commuting experience. I’m also contributing to the Sepulveda Transit Corridor project, aimed at addressing the infamous congestion on I-405, a challenge recognized nationwide. Engaging in projects closely connected to my daily life fills me with so much joy and satisfaction as I feel I’m actively doing my part to improve the quality of life for residents in communities just like mine.

L.A.’s reputation for urban sprawl, traffic jams and car-centric culture is undeniable. I believe that enhancing mobility in L.A. is a multi-faceted challenge that will require a harmonious blend of efficient cross-sector collaboration, astute infrastructure policy, technological integration and effective public engagement. 

To boost L.A.’s mobility, prioritizing the expansion and refinement of its public transit is essential. I advocate for systems with dedicated lanes and stress the significance of safe and seamless first/last-mile connections. Implementing robust policy measures, considering emerging transportation technologies and exploring innovative solutions like congestion pricing and EV infrastructure will drive L.A. toward improved mobility for all.

Envisioning L.A.’s transportation future, I’m a key member of AECOM’s North American Zero-Emission Transportation team, specializing in EV-related policy and strategic development advisory. I foresee L.A. swiftly embracing mass EV adoption, bolstered by the rapid roll-out of charging infrastructure and fleet conversions. For cities like L.A, intertwining innovation with sustainability, equity and safety is key to establishing efficient and inclusive transportation networks.

Originally published Oct 17, 2023

Author: Lynn Feng