New towns are our future. We are honored to be trusted advisors to The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) for their “New” New Town exhibit in the Venice Biennale 2023’s Time Space Existence Exhibition.

The “New” New Town is a collaborative study into future urbanism in Hong Kong. It analyzes the balance between the dual needs for top-down large-scale planned urban development and for bottom-up organic socioeconomic processes that foster vibrant neighborhoods and social resilience. The exhibition presents visionary pilot schemes for town planning based on alternative urban design strategies that explore how new infrastructures, shared facilities, and urban spaces can be instrumentalized to create vibrant, equitable, and resilient communities capable of evolving with societal and environmental changes.

AECOM’s involvement in Hong Kong’s new town development has traversed three generations since the early 1970s and continues into the most recently announced Northern Metropolis. With our clients and partners, our goal is to leave a positive, lasting impact on our people and planet through our Sustainable Legacies strategy. That’s why we at AECOM truly share the passion of CUHK’s Master Urban Design students to build more livable and sustainable cities for everyone.

The Time Space Existence exhibition will officially open to the public on May 20th and run until November 26, 2023 in Venice, Italy.

Present at the final review are experts from the Planning Department, HKSARG and AECOM who gave the students professional town planning advice.

From the Planning Department, HKSARG:

Mr. K. W. NGChief Town Planner, Planning Department, HKSARG
Ms. Stephanie Wing Yan CHANSenior Town Planner, Planning Department, HKSARG


Mr. Len Ren LEEVice President, Master Planning, Urbanism + Planning, Asia, AECOM
Ms. Shirley CHENManaging Director, Urbanism + Planning, HK, AECOM
Mr. David JUNGVice President, Landscape Architecture, Asia, AECOM