AECOM’s Asset Management (AM) Learning Portal provides access to e-learning materials and webinars developed by global leaders and IAM Endorsed Trainers.

The portal allows learners to view e-learning modules on the topic of asset management. Participants can complete the AECOM AM Certificate Course using tablets, laptops, PCs, or their phones. The modules and webinars (presented by AECOM AM specialists) address 100% of the IAM’s Principles of AM Exam syllabus, covering the 39 subject areas of the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM’s) “AM Landscape” and is mapped to the IAM’s Competency Framework. As well as gaining an AECOM AM Certificate to prove that you have completed the 14 modules, you can take the IAM’s Principles of AM exam. In fact, 99.9% of those who complete our online AM Certificate Course and go on to take the IAM’s Principles of AM exam, pass it. The AECOM Asset Management Learning Portal can be accessed at:


In addition to the AECOM AM Certificate Course, we offer the following short courses:

  • AECOM Foundation Award Course: The course provides a great foundation in understanding the basic concepts, language and significant benefits organisations gain from an Asset Management (AM) approach. It also introduces the content and role of the International Standards for AM (ISO 55000).
  • Individual AM Modules: Individual modules from the AM Certificate Course.


The Asset Management Certificate CourseThe modules and webinars cover 100% of IAM’s fundamental competences–the course covers all of the 39 subject areas that make up the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management’s (GFMAM’s) “AM Landscape” and provides all the learning to sit the highly respected Institute of Asset Management’s (IAM’s) “Principles of Asset Management” exam.