AECOM’s sediment remediation and ecosystem restoration experts are featured session chairs, panelists and presenters at the Battelle Contaminated Sediments Conference in Austin, TX, January 9-12, 2023.

A major contributor and sponsor of this year’s conference, our scientists and engineers will lead technical sessions and present on the latest risk and remedial techniques for traditional and emerging contaminants, trends in waterway revitalization, and other vital environmental issues.

At this year’s conference, our technical presence includes:

  • 1 roundtable panelist
  • 5 session chairs
  • 9 technical platforms, and
  • 10 technical posters

AECOM’s global environmental team has extensive experience developing comprehensive and innovative sediment contamination solutions for a broad range of contaminants and sites.

Contact us for more information about AECOM’s Sediment Contamination services or visit us in Booth 217.

AECOM’s Sediment Contamination and Environmental Services

AECOM’s Technical Posters at Battelle available for download: