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In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8 we are sharing how we #EmbraceEquity not only in the workplace but in our work. Get an inside look at how our teams are embracing equity through their projects and positively impacting the lives of women as well as underserved communities around the world.

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Earlier this year, we teamed up with an organisation called STEM Learning to create a series of ENTHUSE Partnerships across the United Kingdom which will generate STEM career awareness and prospects for thousands of young people and help encourage more young women to consider a STEM career. This collaboration will contribute to one of our Sustainable Legacies (our Environmental, Social and Governance strategy) goals to ensure women are properly represented at all levels in the workforce at AECOM.

We need to do more to encourage women and others from underrepresented groups to join the industry. One way to achieve this is by engaging young people from our local schools and communities to introduce them to the possibility of pursuing STEM careers.

Over three years, local AECOM offices will work with STEM Learning to connect with schools in their area and deliver expert coaching for teachers, equipping them with the tools to inspire the next generation of STEM stars.

Meanwhile, young people across the UK will receive careers support, access to exciting enrichment opportunities and will be able to network with AECOM STEM Ambassadors, across career levels and job roles, who will provide a real-life context to the students’ learning by explaining more about their career journeys, bringing STEM careers to life.

The partnership is up and running in the south and southwest of England in areas including Bristol, Oxford and Southampton. Our investment means young people and young women in these communities will be encouraged to pursue equitable opportunities in STEM.

 This partnership will provide structured support for our people to engage with and support local schools to create mutually beneficial outcomes. The range of expertise at AECOM is vast, and our people are keen to help teachers and young people understand more about the scope of jobs in this industry to open opportunities for careers which are fulfilling and making a positive impact in solving the world’s most pressing challenges. We hope to encourage more girls to pursue STEM subjects at school and find a home in our industry.

The lasting positive impact of this partnership is a continued improvement in young people’s career prospects including those in underserved areas.

Originally published Mar 7, 2023

Author: Carmen Harris