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Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Cities are rapidly becoming the front line for confronting the implications of climate change. With over half the world’s population, two-thirds of the world’s energy consumption, and 80 percent of the world’s GDP, cities not only have direct influence over greenhouse gas emissions, but also face the greatest concentration of physical, social and economic risks associated with climate change.

A new report examines data from more than 200 cities relating to their concerns about, as well as strategies and activities to address climate change. The report, “Protecting our Capital – how climate adaptation in cities creates a resilient place for business,” is from CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), AECOM and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, and will be released tomorrow, Thursday July 10.

The report launch in New York City will be broadcast live on the web, with a keynote presentation by Vice Admiral Lee Gunn, United States Navy (Ret.), an authority on the social and national security implications of climate change, and the report presentation by Claire Bonham-Carter, director of sustainable development for AECOM.

To view the live webcast at 6:15 – 7:00 EDT, July 10, (or watch the recording), visit the CDP global cities report launch page.

The 2014 report (and previous reports) will be available on the AECOM website following the launch.


Erik Miller ( is a senior communications manager with AECOM.

Originally published Jul 9, 2014

Author: Erik Miller