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I have worked on the £14.8-billion (US$24-billion) Crossrail Programme, currently Europe’s largest construction project, for the past five years as a senior member of the logistics team. Our group is working to make U.K. roads safer by introducing rigorous safety requirements for all heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) working on this massive infrastructure project — something I’m especially passionate about.

Under my leadership, more than 40,000 HGVs and 14,000 vans have been fitted with bespoke safety equipment, and more than 8,200 drivers have received intensive road-safety training. The haulage and construction industries have also invested millions of pounds into new safety equipment to meet Crossrail’s requirements, including fitting vehicles with side under-run guards and blind spot detection equipment to protect vulnerable road users such as cyclists. This means that safety standards are being improved, not just in London, but across the U.K.

It makes me feel very proud that many of the safety initiatives established on the Crossrail Programme are now considered to be best industry practices, and other clients and organisations responsible for similar programmes are beginning to adopt these initiatives. This includes big infrastructure projects such as the HS2 and Thames Tideways Tunnels projects, where I have shared best practices and lessons. In addition, organisations such as Cambridge University are replicating these safety initiatives to improve safety for cyclists during major construction works. I’d like to believe that my passion and drive for safety have made a real difference in the transportation industry and road safety in general.

I have designed, developed and implemented several initiatives that collectively contribute towards reducing risk in Crossrail’s supply chains. The hope is that these projects have raised awareness, improved decision making, influenced behaviour and engaged key external stakeholders.

My efforts in setting up these initiatives and driving Crossrail’s progress have been rewarded with two highly regarded safety awards in the sector — being named a winner of the Transport and Logistics Safety Award in 2012, and of the Brake Fleet Award for Safer Vehicles in 2013. Earlier, these efforts also received the Target Zero Peoples Award for Safety in 2011. In addition, Crossrail continued to show its appreciation by nominating me for the Member of the British Empire (MBE) award at the Queen’s 2014 Birthday Honours for my services to road safety, which I was later selected to receive. For these awards and achievements, I am truly honoured and eternally grateful.

What’s even more exciting is that Transport for London facilitates an initiative called Construction Logistics for Cycle Safety (CLOCS) — much of which is based on the work for Crossrail. CLOCS is becoming an industry standard and has huge support from public- and private-sector organisations responsible for dozens of large construction projects in London and beyond.

I do this work because I feel like I make an impact every day when I can help keep our roads safe and keep as many people as possible out of harm’s way.

Heduan_HS_BW_89x100Michael Heduan is a regional director within AECOM”s transportation group. He has an extensive background in transportation with more than 40 years of experience under his belt and many honorable achievements and awards that validate his work ethic.

Originally published Apr 15, 2015

Author: Michael Heduan