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Tony Loyd, P.E., joins AECOM as vice president and Houston executive to lead strategy and growth of our businesses in Houston, Texas. Tony shares his plans to focus on full-service solutions for AECOM’s clients in the transportation, water, energy, education and healthcare markets.

What inspires you most in your new role as Houston executive?

I have always had tremendous respect for AECOM as a leader in the global marketplace and especially admire the diversity of our workforce as a large global company. Houston’s client base and workforce are exceptionally diverse and embody an innovative culture that continues to be a growth engine for our region. My goal is for our two local offices to mirror the diversity and inclusion of Houston, which is one of the most diverse cities in the country.

The competition for talent isn’t showing signs of slowing. What sets AECOM apart as the employer of choice in Houston?

AECOM’s Houston office is growing. We currently have 28 open requisitions in a variety of disciplines and job levels. As the world’s premier infrastructure firm, our planners, designers, engineers, consultants and construction managers work with visionary clients, partners, colleagues and mentors and our people have access to the largest network of professional expertise in the industry. The variety of our cross-disciplinary work, coupled with the places you can go, make for a dynamic career experience. AECOM offers talented professionals a scope and scale of opportunities that other firms cannot match. We are proud to employ more than 9,000 military veterans on projects around the world, across professions, disciplines and markets. Their leadership, team-building and analytical skills, coupled with an unwavering commitment to a job well done, are critical in making decisions in the face of uncertainty and ensuring safe operations in high-risk environments.

You’ve been at the forefront of developing revenue growth strategies for a wide range of multi-discipline industries. What strategy delivers consistently, even in unprecedented times?

A successful revenue growth strategy is multi-faceted; it’s the execution of best practices resulting from listening to our clients and applying innovative solutions to overcome their most complex challenges. We are currently advising our government and private clients during the coronavirus pandemic to help prepare for the anticipated economic stimulus. Now more than ever, if I’m doing my job as a leader, I must spend as much time with our customers as I spend mentoring our employees. When our clients are successful, we are successful, with growth being a byproduct.

The city continues to experience rapid growth. How is AECOM addressing Houston’s changing infrastructure and helping cities ensure they are choosing the right solution at the right time?

AECOM has been part of the Houston community for 50 years. While we are a global firm, our local employees are Houstonians and experience the changing demands of Houston’s infrastructure. We understand the need to develop smart and sustainable infrastructure. Our teams can leverage advanced technology and shared learning throughout the company to uniquely address infrastructure challenges. AECOM’s designated Cities practice draws on our diverse expertise from across the company to help make cities better places for the future. As we continue our pursuit for the METRONext Program, a plan of 500 miles of travel improvements to ease traffic congestion, it will be critical to deliver future mobility enhancements spanning multiple ongoing projects that create a universally accessible built environment for Houston.

What does the future hold for the city of Houston over the next 5-10 years?

Based on the past decade, Houston will remain on a growth trajectory into the foreseeable future. The population is projected to reach 10 million in the next 15 to 20 years – the equivalent of adding the combined city population of Dallas and San Antonio to the Houston metro area. Developing the infrastructure to support Houston’s strategy to meet the growing demand is paramount and improving connectivity through innovations in mobility will provide a strategic advantage to Houston to retain and attract new businesses. AECOM is at the forefront of developing solutions to address these challenges and excited to be part of the future of Houston.

Who inspires you most as a leader?

For me, my inspiration comes from within. It’s triggered by my sense of responsibility to others. I do best in team environments that are fueled by determination and desire to see the invisible and accomplish the impossible, which in turn embodies my passion for leadership.

Staying safe on and off the job is a top priority at AECOM. What is our company doing to address concerns during this current climate?

In the U.S., AECOM has quickly and effectively pivoted our global workforce to deliver work remotely in accordance with nationwide mandated stay-at-home orders. Our interpretation of government orders, including in Texas, is that the work we perform is “essential” so our physical office locations remain open for designated employees. We still maintain a considerable number of staff who are working in the field to deliver on projects. In every case, we maintain adherence to CDC guidelines as we prioritize the safety of our people while maintaining business continuity on vital client projects.

Originally published Apr 28, 2020

Author: Tony Loyd