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Kimberly Yu, vice president, Southern California Transportation business development leader, shares her journey through the transit, highway and railroad industry marked by a relentless commitment to transforming the Southern California transportation landscape and addressing the unique mobility needs for this dynamic region.

I am an experienced transportation advocate with a demonstrated history of working in the transit, highway, and railroad industry, helping to transform the Southern California landscape. My multifaceted portfolio of skills includes urban planning, government, policy analysis, transportation planning and community development.

Before joining AECOM, I worked for two transportation public agencies in Los Angeles — Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolink) for 18 years. Prior to that, my experience included working for various elected officials, state assembly members, senators, Los Angeles City Council members and the Mayor of Los Angeles.

I truly believe in the importance of enhancing mobility in L.A. by offering many different alternatives to meet and address the diverse set of transportation needs. I’ve worked on key projects for Metro such as the Eastside Extension Light Rail that extends downtown to East L.A. as well as the Gold Line to Pasadena.

I think the future of transportation in Los Angeles and Southern California is bright. It is more than just profit margins and winning work, it’s making sure that what we do is meaningful and that we have true intentions behind the work that we are bringing to the community.

Visualizing the future of transportation, I am optimistic about the support coming from the public, policymakers and the funding that’s available. Partnering with local communities and developing a system that they’ll be riding and proud of is vital for the future.

Starting this path of designing and looking at our transportation investment is going to help us grow in a more sustainable and resilient way.

Originally published Oct 20, 2023

Author: Kimberly Yu