AECOM holds accreditations for verifying ESG-related initiative progress.


Two important energy market accreditations allow AECOM to verify ESG-related initiative progress.


AECOM is a Certification Body for the MiQ Standard, which offers companies in the oil and gas sector an opportunity to demonstrate a credible evaluation of their methane emissions performance. The MiQ Standard enables the differentiation of the natural gas market, creating different price levels and a clear economic incentive for companies to invest in abatement. MiQ’s certification process is technology-neutral and includes independent audits of a company’s methane intensity, operating practices and monitoring technology deployment by accredited third-party experts, who provide companies with actionable recommendations to improve methane emissions performance. As an accredited third-party expert, AECOM draws on our deep bench of world-class professionals to provide guidance and services to our clients. The certification adds to our proven track record of providing outstanding environmental, social and governance (ESG) services for global oil and gas clients.


Our auditors combine in-depth knowledge of national and local regulatory programs, management system expertise, and contemporary auditing techniques to effectively and efficiently perform audits. We stand ready with expertise in extensive auditing, industry and air emission experience.


AECOM provides the following services:

  • Assistance in integrating MiQ-focused compliance activities into strategic business planning efforts.
  • Translation of MiQ Standard requirements into workable tasks or activities at the facility level.
  • Delivery of practical cost-effective solutions to address MiQ Standard requirements.
  • Most importantly, we provide our clients’ senior managements with the information they need to manage environmental responsibilities across their organization, while minimizing operational and business continuity risks.


MiQ is an independent, not-for-profit partnership between RMI and SYSTEMIQ. Read more about MiQ.


AECOM is an Approved Assessor for the EO100 TM Standard for Responsible Energy Development. Developed by Equitable Origin, the certification evaluates site-level ESG performance of energy and energy infrastructure projects for performance-beyond-emissions, and it considers: corporate governance, transparency and ethics; human rights; social impact and community development; indigenous peoples’ rights; fair labor and working conditions; and climate change, biodiversity and environment.  Read more about the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development.