NOTE: The address for the AECOM Christchurch office is Level 2, 88 Cashel Street, Central City, Christchurch 8011

AECOM is committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our own operations and services to clients. Public transportation is a convenient way to get around town and reduce our individual contributions to GHG emissions.

To support sustainable thinking, we’ve created the following transport guide to help you get to and from the AECOM Christchurch office in the central city. Please consider using rideshare, public transport, or arriving by bike, when visiting us. Thank you!


By Uber/rideshare

To/From AECOM Cashel Street office

Our physical address is 88 Cashel Street but the best place to be dropped off by rideshare is the Riverside Market carpark which is located at 23 Lichfield Street. Our main entrance is on the Lichfield Street side of the building.

To/From Christchurch Airport

The best way to get to and from Christchurch Airport is by Uber or rideshare.


By Bus

The Christchurch office is located within 500m of the Christchurch Bus Interchange, making buses a convenient option. Be sure to make use of the Metro Bus Journey Planner before commencing your trip.

From the ‘Plan your bus trip’ link on the Metro website, enter your location and the office address (88 Cashel Street) to determine your best bus trip options for travel to the office.


By Bike

The Christchurch office is situated in the heart of the city, which is close to several cycleways, cycle lanes and shared paths connected to the wider cycle network. Refer to the Christchurch City Council cycle map for more information.

When visiting the office by bike we recommend using Locky Docks which are conveniently located at 110 Cashel Street where you can park your bike for free. For more information visit:

There are also free cycle parking spaces on the ground floor of the parking building at 33 Lichfield Street.