What is Mobility as a Service (MaaS)?

MaaS is an integrated platform for transportation services. It combines multiple modes including public transit, taxis, ride-hailing, scooter, bike, and car sharing, and sometimes even parking fees and road tolls on one easy-to-use navigation and payment app.

MaaS can support equity goals, such as universal basic mobility, and manage incentives, such as targeted discounts, encouraging travellers to use the most efficient and sustainable modes for each trip. MaaS also has the potential to introduce more flexibility, inclusivity, affordability, and connectivity to our movement systems. But these outcomes are not guaranteed and depend on the way MaaS is implemented.

Study Purpose

The GTA MaaS Feasibility Study marks a collaboration between AECOM’s Cities practice and the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI). It is tailored to include customized goals, objectives, and strategies to meet the region’s specific transportation needs and provide a framework for achieving MaaS acceptance and implementation in the GTA.

Our goal is to aid in charting a path towards a more mobile, sustainable, and prosperous region by connecting transportation networks, planning strategies, and the people whose collaboration can improve the quality of life within the GTA. This feasibility study provides a common language to advance the conversation with, and among, regional transportation service providers and policymakers, and serves as an initial resource for those who would like to consider MaaS in the GTA.

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