AECOM is proud to host the inaugural workshop of the Singapore Water Association (SWA) Young Water Professional Mentoring Program, held on January 20, 2024 at the AECOM Singapore office.

This event marked a pivotal moment in our collective journey, dedicated to fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and advancing the water profession in Singapore.

34 esteemed mentors, brought a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a strong commitment to guiding the next generation of water professionals. AECOM was supportive in hosting a remarkable cohort of 102 mentees—enthusiastic individuals prepared to embark on a transformative journey.

The workshop was a success and a milestone for the SWA Mentoring Program, which hopes to inspire and advance the water profession in Singapore.

The SWA expressed their deepest gratitude to our team, especially AECOM Singapore Country Representative Yi Yng (YY) Jee for the support and collaboration, as well as our team’s valuable time and expertise shared in this new endeavor.