Crude oil tanker under cargo operations on typical shore station with clearly visible mechanical loading arms and pipeline infrastructure. Thailand harbor.

Oil and gas companies regularly turn to AECOM for critical services to support their operations, facilities and development projects around the world. With our truly global footprint, broad technical expertise and well-established Health and Safety program, AECOM is a single source for integrated services across the entire life cycle of oil and gas assets.  Our major oil and gas clients include super majors, and leading upstream, midstream, and downstream IOCs and NOCs.


We offer a full range of integrated services for our O&G clients.    Please follow the links below for more information related to our broad offering of services.

AECOM O&G Market Sector Capabilities

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Global Oil and Gas Services

Midstream Oil & Gas

AECOM Practice Areas and Services

Engineering, Air Quality, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), Remediation, Impact Assessment & Permitting (IAP), Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS), Climate Adaptation/Disaster Resilience

Engineering: Delivering Excellence, Engineering Services

Engineering: Process Systems

Engineering: Geotechnical Services

Air Quality: Practice Overview

Air Quality: Air Quality Consulting and Engineering

Air Quality: Control Systems and Engineering

EHS: Practice Overview

EHS: Spill Prevention and Response Planning

EHS: Environmental Health, Health and Safety Auditing Services

EHS: Health & Safety Consulting Services

EHS: Risk Management, Process Safety and Related Services

Remediation: Practice Overview

Remediation: Remediation Process Optimization

Remediation: Per- and Poly- Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Remediation: Comprehensive Sediment Management Services

Remediation: D4 Services: Decommissioning, Deactivation, Decontamination, Demolition

IAP: Practice Overview

IAP: Environmental Permitting and Planning

IAP: NEPA Environmental Planning Services

Pipeline: Pipeline Permitting & Certification

Pipeline: Trenchless Methods for Pipeline Construction

Pipeline: Environmental Inspection

Pipeline: Geohazard Assessment

EMIS: Management Systems Services

EMIS: HSE Data Management Challenges

Climate Adaptation and Disaster Resilience