AECOM’s London main contractor survey provides an overview of current market sentiment for Tier 1 and 2 main contractors during this past year. Our survey gauges their attitude towards risk and provides a general overview of order book and pipeline health for the near future.

Our report is structured around key feedback gained from main contractors, including organisations working predominantly in the commercial sector, supported by residential and public sectors.

2020 was a year of multiple challenges. The dramatic and unexpected emergence of the coronavirus pandemic added to ongoing uncertainty around the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU).

Yet the construction industry is showing admirable adaptability. Modified ways of working on site are helping developers, contractors and suppliers get back to work after an initial period of coronavirus shutdown. And astute commercial agreements have enabled them to size up Brexit/Coronavirus risk in their contracts.

It may be some time before the turbulence of these combined threats to the industry recede. But in the meantime, the construction industry is doing what it does best in difficult times: getting on with the job with the minimum of panic.

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