Los Angeles, California


Through the Measurement and Demand Response (M&DR) project, Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) leveraged AECOM’s expertise, familiarity with utility demand response programs, intimate knowledge of multiple building automation and energy measurement systems, and the equipment and features in the marketplace. Working collaboratively with our energy and engineering teams, LACCD was able to complete this project in 12 months and 38 percent under budget.

LACCD is now in the position to manage their utility usage and has active benchmarking to inform the Utilities department. The District is now an active (and significant) participant in both Southern California Edison (SCE) and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) demand response programs. LACCD’s ability to automatically load-shed without impacting teaching improves the reliability of the grid and helps prevent brown-outs and black-outs.

The M&DR project allows LACCD to monitor energy consumption at each building and allows colleges to make informed decisions to reduce energy use or “load reduction” during peak demand. The project involved the development, design, procurement, and installation of 160 electric, water, and gas meters at designated buildings along with required IT infrastructure for integration to the existing buildings to implement auto demand response measures and participate in program savings from the utilities (SCE and LADWP). The project was implemented in two Phases: 1) the meter design and installation, and 2) the auto demand response system design and implementation of the demand response measures.